Thursday, October 10, 2013

QftWo 10/7-10/13: Imposters #11 - Ender's Game

So, this week's poster is for the forthcoming film based on the insanely-popular futuristic scifi book series by Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game. That series was on my siblings' bookshelf forever, and yet I've never read it myself...

While I can't approve of the generic nature of the main image - big picture of a guy - I do appreciate how the hidden nature of the character creates mystery instead of promoting some bigtime star's face. For a narrative of such long-standing acclaim, it's effective enough to see a figure aboard what looks like an a space station's command center.

The small pix of the cast are nifty, as are what look like various computer cursors and whatnot, but I'm surprised by the lack of a tagline. I guess we'll all learn the result next month...


  1. I wonder if they were forced to a slightly more imaginative poster by the fact that the kid is not (yet) a big star. Still, gotta give them credit for not plastering giant images of Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley on it.

    As for the tagline, the typical "From the bestselling novel by..." would lead people to look up Orson Scott Card, and possibly find his homophobic, somewhat racist right-wing rantings. For example, take one where he speculates that Obama will form a national police force composed of "urban gangs." As Sean O'Neill put it in a comment to his article "'Right, because it's either 'liberal,' or 'guy who believes Obama is a cross between Hitler and Cyrus in The Warriors, and also that gays are nature's mistakes.'",101703/

    Seriously, though, the existing tag lines (according to IMDB) both suck. You have "Ender's Game: This is not a game" ("But you just called it a..."). The other one is supposedly "The enemy's gate is down," which sounds like a euphemism, possibly related to non-Orson Scott Card-approved sexual acts.

    1. No, I certainly wouldn't expect anyone to mention OSC after all the bigoted things he's said.

      Yes, I saw that post and was saddened to learn that the guy behind the series was so messed up in the head, especially when it comes to calling our CInC a liberal and a socialist and a fascist.

      Those actual taglines are horrible, so I guess nothing is better. They could've gone all CSI Miami and written "Game Over," but that is also horrible...


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