Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Moments in... Film Screams (Schwarzenegger Ed.)

In late January, my good friend over at Wasted Degree sent me a link to a great Filmdrunk supercut of Arnold Schwarzenegger's screams. Yes, the unique (yet brave and strong) groans and cries from all of Arnie's films.

It's a lot of fun. This starts at 1982's Conan the Barbarian, and moves right up to 2002's Collateral Damage. Red Sonja is included, but The Terminator and its sequels aren't, as his cyborg actually never cried out - despite all the punishment he took. What a trooper!

I never really thought about the presence of slapstick in Arnie's career; a lot of the clips here are comic relief (the key to Total Recall is its effective humor). But since this made me take a new look at a long-standing part of the cinematic landscape, I'm not going to criticize whoever made this for not including clips from any of the four films Schwarzenegger was in before he broke through with Conan. Those all sucked, anyway.

And, I have to add, I've never seen 1996's Jingle All the Way, and I am now deeply surprised at how much screaming there is in this children's holiday film. No wait, I just remembered Home Alone; sorry.

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