Monday, October 14, 2013

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 57: Cartoon College

I had a blogging snafu last night. Yesterday's post - another off-site review, was nearly ready to publish. Then I went out to meet some excellent friends of mine for a couple of hours. This experience turned into a 4-5 hour festival of fun, booze, and great conversation. I expected to get back home, wrap up my last edit, and then go to bed. That's not what happened at all - but at least it was for the best cause ever: fun.

Now, almost 24 hours after last week's post should've gone up, I can invite you to check out my review of Cartoon College. It's a documentary about a school in Vermont that provides training and an MFA degree to people who love to work in the artistic medium of comic books and graphic novels. I had a lot of fun with this doc, and I think many other people will, too.

If you'd like to read my review, please check it out here at the Man, I Love Films site. I will, however, return to my normal schedule. Please stay tuned for the review I worked super-hard to complete and polish - for Rian Johnson's exceptional sci-fi action pic, Looper.

Until tomorrow,

Half a Film Student

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