Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Quick Schedule Update

Long story short, my off-site posts will return, starting with a documentary review that will go live at 6PM today. They should appear every week, but I can't say more than that at the present time.

I was proud of what Net-flixation did last month, truly, but I want to keep the pace going and get even more hits this month. While I could not prepare a review of The Ipcress File for September, it should appear on this site before the year is over. October will have 4 posts per week, as I've done all throughout 2013, with the same schedule I've maintained this year.

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting last month! I have a lot of good reviews, fan-made gems, and other entries coming up. As always, I hope that what I publish will be at least as fun for you to read as it was for me to create. Above all, what I write for you (and me) should be thoughtful and enjoyable. Feel free to holler back at me.

See you in a few hours,


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