Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dec-March Schedule Update

Dear readers, be ye friends or strangers, here's the skinny:

It looks like I will have to cancel my holiday movie due to time constraints. It was set to go up on the 24th, and things might change, but I wouldn't bet it on it, at the moment. Sometime in January, is looking more likely... However, I have three bits of good news that easily balance it out.

1) You may know that I took a break from doing "proper" Question entries a bit ago (e.g., why did Luke drop his lightsaber when he beats Vader?). Those will return by or before Spring, 2014. In their place, I've had movie poster critiques - oh-so-cheaply "asking" what's wrong or right with these graphic ads. And, as of tomorrow, you'll get two poster entries per week.

So, if you like those posts... good on both of us, I guess.

2) Between the extra material and my Sunday off-site reviews, this means there will be something here almost every day for the rest of 2013. Saturdays and (probably) the 24th, aside, that is. They're all ready to go already, and I tried to save a lot of entertainment for this very stressful time of year.

3) I decided that I will not take my "blogcation" in January. I will truck along, at least 4x/wk, until mid-March, at the very least. At that pace, this site's 5th year anniversary in April will really be extra-special.

Thank you for reading, and I hope the ride is fun for us all...

Thaddeus/Half A Film Student

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