Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Imposters #23, bonus edition - The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorcese films are kind of a big deal. For a very long time, the man has not worked in a genre outside of Drama, but he is widely considered one of the best and most consistent American directors of the last 50 years or so. It's a big deal every time he makes a new movie, and for good reason: whether you "like" one of his movies or not, they are always well-made, with many elements to commend them.

And so I've been seeing a lot of posters for The Wolf of Wall Street lately. The one I saw three weeks ago filled me with conflicted feelings.

I kind of hate it. For one thing, it doesn't actually look like Leo up there. That could be anybody. Also, other than "huge-ass party, people be havin' fun," it doesn't say all that much. You have to sort of look closely to figure out that it's set in the 80's (I'm wrong, it's the 90's), and I suspect that will be lost on the younger people who see this promo.

And yet at the same time, this graphic is terribly different, and it does - if you know anything about the criminal it's based on - fit the story, and its themes. I just think it's not about the dude that's singing. Maybe it's about the party? Or it's 30 years in the life of a California estate's pool?

I guess you can say that I like it as a picture, but not as a promotion. Although I can imagine it being a smart choice for this huge image that's so busy, I am still amazed by the lack of info - title, lead, director, novel writer and screenplay adapter, as well as release date. With Marty named twice!

Calm down, Mr. Scorcese, you already won.

And then, one week ago, I saw a different poster for tWoWS, and it left me even more confused, because it looks like a poster for DiCaprio's recent turn in Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby.


We can see and identify Leo this time, which is all for the best. His spread arms let you know that he has some sort of control over the party, and you get the feeling that this movie will be about him and his life. Now I kind of know what to expect.

So I like more as a promotion, but slightly less as a picture. I'm willing to say that this version is good, and maybe I even like it more because of that first poster.

And yet it's also an image of a man who is welcoming us to a great big party. Which is, basically, Gatsby. Here, look at the theatrical poster for tGG, and tell me then sort of things it makes you think of:


In any case, I wish you all Happy Belated Festivus/Xmas/Solstice/Super-Belated Hannukah and any other celebration I forgot to mention.

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