Monday, December 30, 2013

Great Moments in... Wilford Brimley's Life

Ah,... Hard Target! This 1993 action film is notable for many reasons. First, it comes from the time that Jean-Claude Van Damme would nearly replace Schwarzenegger and Stallone as the biggest action star. More importantly, it was John Woo's first Hollywood production. LA realized what a big international draw Woo was, and hoped to absorb some of the style of Hong Kong Cinema's finest auteur.

Of course, I also like to think of it as one of two contemporary films to use the premise of "The Most Dangerous Game." And while Surviving the Game would feature Ice T, Charles S. Dutton, and Rutger Hauer, HT had Lance Henriksen teaming with Arnold Vosloo to kill Yancy Butler's distressed damsel, and her protector/PI, who is called Chance. (yes, JCVD played a PI named "Chance")

But, y'know what? I also like to think of Hard Target as the film that dared to cast Wilford Brimley as Van Damme's crusty Cajun grandfather. Not only is it mind-boggling to accept Mr. Brimley as a man who roughs it in the Bayou, he's capable of killing several men and blowing up a house, then riding off on a horse while cursing in French.

Prepare yourselves for glory:

I can only pray that I'll be doing anything nearly that cool when I'm 59...

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