Wednesday, December 4, 2013

QftWo 12/2-12/8: Imposters #19 - Nebraska

In this week's analysis of promotional material, we come to the poster for Alexander Payne's latest film. It is both nice and sucky at the same time. While I like the color scheme and layout in theory, it doesn't tell us anything about the film. It might have to do with the state of Nebraska, and is just a white on black profile pic of a man with thinning hair and glasses. The guy might be wearing a tie or some form of dress shirt.

Picture me rapt!

What's more annoying is that because this is the poster displayed at a movie theater, someone decided to backlight it, which increases the contrast to a point that's really not pleasant to the eye. It also made it incredibly difficult to take a decent photo of the display. As such, I have to say that the image is most successful in its standard format, as you can see below.

Notice that? Whoever designed the standard poster correctly predicted that audiences would want to know who's in the film! That alone makes a big improvement in my opinion of the overall graphic. In fact, I'll take the lower image even though it says "Coming Soon," while the upper one says "November."

As tacky as it may seem, I even appreciate the theater giving it a specific release date. It means they they're paying at least enough "AMC" logo at the top of the promo's case.

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