Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Imposters #25 bonus edition - Grudge Match

What's really surprising is that they made two versions of this poster and released them together - as in, 20 feet away in the same subwsy statio nyou can see two wildly different images.

Okay sure, it kinda looks like a still image from the Fight Night series of boxing games, but that's okay. I like the gold lettering, even though I don't like a lot of the text.

For my part, I hate the second poster, as it robs what is presumably a movie about boxing of its vitality or competitive tension.

Seriously, that is... what? Chummy? Wistful? I really hope no one in the history of boxing ever had that expression on their face unless they just boxed their son, father, or sibling. Even then, I'd like to believe that testosterone and adrenaline would combine to keep people from looking that... relaxed.

And, to be very blunt and honest, it is simply too late in De Niro's and Stallone's careers for people to be shooting for this sort of thing. They are wildly different actors/stars, and who is really dying to see what these two guys do together on screen. The Bobby D + Al Pacino crossover of Heat, I can understand audiences thinking that's a big deal. This is like getting excited that Jean Claude Van Damme is in a movie with... Dustin Hoffman. Or, hell, Al Pacino.

You get my point?

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