Tuesday, December 17, 2013

QftWo 12/16-12/22: Imposters #21 - Anchorrman 2

The interesting thing about the posters I've seen for Anchorman 2 is that they trade really heavily on the popularity of the original Will Ferrell picture. Now, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy did make over $90M on a $26 million budget.

I guess what strikes me just as oddly is that this is a sequel to a film that came out 9 years ago - although the answer is right there in its box office take. Seriously, the first installment came out in 2004, and I have no idea why they'd wait so long to release the second. Oddly enough, though I never saw the original movie, I knew exactly what the annoyingly-obtuse poster below was for:

But why even bother with a poster if that's all your going to do with it? Sure, it might make sense if you're releasing an extra-narrow graphic and you need a sliver of a visual to put up in small ad spots. But the design above was shown in a large, multi-story theater that has all the room in the world!

And the actual subway ad is, similarly, playing off the popularity of the prior film. But why wouldn't it tell us who the director is, or the names of the four goofballs on the poster?

I also don't get the "hero shot" motif of this lineup, save as an ironic note. Clearly, this quartet is supposed to be stunningly impressive, though I've no idea how or why... In short: what the hell?

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