Monday, February 24, 2014

Bad Lip Reading does The Amazing Spider-Man

I haven't featured these folks in a while, but I'm happy to share with you some great riffing on the Spider-Man franchise reboot. Y'know, the one wherein Peter Parker has hair so carefully-styled that he would probably never be an outcast, much less picked-on?...

While the BLR crew aren't specifically trying to trash the picture, they are having a lot of fun adding the most ridiculous kind of dialogue to the various scenes used herein.

I know it may seem a little lame or odd, posting this entry just a week after another tAS-M fan-made gem, but I figured that the sequel comes out in a little over 2 months, so I may as well get this all out of my system now...


  1. I just saw this over the weekend. Man, it did not make me want to watch tAS-M.

    1. Well... these videos just take the physical scene and make them ludicrous via insane dialogue.

      If you want to see some discussion of tAS-M, look at last week's post, wherein CinemaSins mocks the film - and DJ and Lady T talk about the pic in the comments below...


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