Monday, February 3, 2014

Bill Murray Peter Pan Stage-Craftiness

As to the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, I think it's only appropriate to state that I am sorry for his loved ones. He was far too young.

But I'm also not above noting that it's a loss for the art world in general, as he was quite good at his profession. He was that rare actor who had earned the complete trust of the audience... yet I can only hope everyone near this tragedy is at peace, soon.

And still we have to move on: I know that my last Bill Murray entry came out six days ago. Honestly, the next one was scheduled for Valentine's Day - the perfect day to remember our love of Mr. Murray. But I saw this fine clip on January 31st, and I simply had to get it posted as soon as possible. It represents a prime example of why Bill persists in our minds and hearts.

I may be partly-motivated by a desire to get this out asap, but I also feel a deep need to share the love. Please enjoy it with me now, everyone:

Yes, there was no indie review last Sunday - just another poster review - but this weekend will be the one. I needed extra time to cover the next movie properly. This week will be a lot of fun, so just stay tuned, everyone...


  1. Murray has a rare gift for seeming younger and younger as he gets older, grayer, and more distinguished.

    1. You are very wise, my friend - you do succinctly express the magic of how Mr. Murray seems to stay so youthful...


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