Sunday, February 2, 2014

Imposters #33 - The Square

The Square is a Netflix-exclusive documentary - it is also up for an Academy Award this year, marking it as the video site's first Oscar nomination.

So what do we know about it? Well, the subject is the Arab Spring, a series of political upheavals in the governments of various nations around the Mediterranean Sea. In this case, tho, it specifically looks at the 2011 revolution in Egypt.

Regardless of whether or not it wins an Oscar soon, it already has some nice accolades: The Square took an Audience Award at the 2013 Sundance Festival, as well as a People's Choice Award at the 2013 Toronto International Film Fest.

The only other thing I can tell you about tS is that the image on its subway poster is f--king boss. I've been seeing this everywhere and it looks cool every time, and I hope you enjoy it, too:

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