Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Question for the Week of Feb 24- Mar 2: Dumb Theories

What's your dumbest theory related to the movie industry?
Welcome back to my "real" Question entries, friends and strangers! No more constantly using poster critique to substitute while I work up some more decent ideas, problems, snafus, and nit-picks to tackle. For my first time back, tho, I am gonna take it a bit easy, so:

In short, my dumbest film theory is that Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep should be made to procreate as part of an actor's eugenics program. Yes, I'm talking about breeding people.

That image above is the kind of scene you could see over several eras. Why? Because Day-Lewis and Streep have been two of the finest cinematic actors in the world, and because awards bodies have recognized this fact repeatedly. She's from New Jersey, and he's from England, but when you ask people to name the best in the profession, their names are sure to come up.

Meryl Streep, born in 1949, has 18 Academy Award nominations, and 3 wins. She has also received 28 Golden Globe nods - more than any actor ever - taking home 8 of those. She has 5 Grammy nominations, one Tony nom, and won both two BAFTAs as well as two Emmy Awards.

Is this alone enough to say that she should be forced to have more children? For the greater good? Of the acting world?

The list actually goes on much longer than that, enough to merit its own separate wiki entry. And, in the opening paragraph of that page, you can see how right I am, because the text already mentions DD-L. In what context?

In the context of Daniel Day-Lewis being the 6th person to win 3 Acting Oscars, right behind Meryl, who was the 5th actor to achieve that feat. In fact, because of Ms. Streep's 3rd win for The Iron Lady, she got to present Mr. Day-Lewis with his 3rd Oscar, for Lincoln. Let's watch:

DD-L, born in 1957, has nowhere near Streep's numbers: 5 total Oscar nominations, with 3 wins; 7 Golden Globe nods, of which he took home 2. As a Brit, Daniel has, of course, more BAFTA success than Meryl - 6 noms, 4 wins - and he has received a host of other awards, as well, but you must remember that MS started winning major acting awards a decade before Day-Lewis. That's a lot of lead time, professionally.

Yet, as mentioned above, DD-L and Meryl Streep are among a handful of actors to have 3 Oscar wins. He also has a wiki page dedicated to his awards and nominations. And Daniel has an honor even Ms. Streep hasn't achieved: he's one of 20 total thesps (10 male, 10 female) to sweep 5 awards for one performance. Yes, for one role he got an Oscar, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and the Critics' Choice Award; and he's the only person to do this twice.

I think that you can agree that however Day-Lewis may lag behind Streep in raw noms and wins, his list of awards more than makes up for it. And it's pretty clear that the combination of these two, genetically, would produce at least one powerhouse thespian.

Yup, I predict that Daniel Mayrel Strewis will win most every performance Oscar for at least 10 straight years. And, omigod, if DMS were a hermaphrodite, then the child of Streep and Lewis could win in both male and female categories.

I have to think that by the 8th consecutive time that DMS takes the prize home, the acceptance speech will be "All your Oscar are belong to us."

In case you couldn't tell, I am a very silly man. But I am at least supported in my ridiculousness by certain photos, like the one below:

Oh, heaven, it's already begun!


  1. Not a bad theory-maybe when they perfect human cloning, a hybrid MS/DDL will be gifted to the acting world and thus,humanity:)

    1. They're giving people, I am sure they would make that sacrifice for all of us!


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