Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CinemaSins takes on The Amazing Spider-Man

And they do it in about 2 minutes. This clip's "Everything Wrong With" approach is very strong in pointing out the story and plot absurdities of the film. Admittedly, I'd feel more confident writing that if I had seen tAS-M, but I had no desire to support the rebooting of a franchise that was roughly 7 years old.

Sins #7, 8, and 12 are fantastic, but I like the whole thing. Check it out:


  1. Well,I did see The Amazing Spider Man and did find this funny(didn't realize the number of Bing searches when I first saw it) but still like the movie anyway.

    It was way too soon for a reboot,I totally agree,but this rendition of the Spidey story has a somewhat realistic edge to it in a watered down Christopher Nolan Batman way that makes it stand out from the Raimi movies(the first two SR directed flicks were the best,that third one was ghastly!).

    1. Y'know, that's perfectly fair. If you saw my prior posts on the topic, you saw that my biggest objections were (a) that it was too soon to reboot the franchise, and (b) Peter Parker's hair was way too well-styled...

      But I can't really say much until I've actually seen it. I do know that I am much less enthusiastic about superhero films than I was a decade ago. Or even five years ago...

    2. The superhero genre is getting rather played out, I do agree but I still hope for a Wonder Woman movie(not sure if we'll get one out of the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman film). Something needs to take it's place for awhile to allow time for the next great superhero series to get to the next level.

      Then again,X-Men:Days of Future Past looks promising....

    3. I actually saw ASM, despite being with Thaddeus on the "don't encourage bad rebooting" philosophy (cable company gave me a premium channel for free when they were having a dispute with CBS). I found it a mess. The attempts to modernize the story and make it more realistic were undercut by the Harry Potter-style subplot (Peter's now a chosen one whose parents had a world-shaking secret, instead of being a working class kid whose powers are purely accidental) and by some of the suspension of disbelief-bursting details covered in the video.

      The other big strike against ASM was a really inconsistent portrayal of Peter Parker. The film doesn't really commit to him being a nerd, and Garfield's accent and body language are all over the place--he's a swaggering skater kid! no, he's a meek nerd! he's talking in an extra-thick Noo Yawk accent! except for when he doesn't!

      (Sorry for the exclamation points--possessed by the spirit of Stan Lee there, for a second.)

    4. @Thaddeus

      Am I the only one left who's still bullish on comic book adaptations? I'm really interested to see what James Gunn does with Guardians of the Galaxy and what Edgar Wright does with Ant Man. Those are interesting filmmakers, taking on subjects who don't lend themselves to a generic superhero treatment. If it wasn't for Zach Snyder, I'd be really excited about the prospect of DC getting their super hero act together.

    5. @DJ, honestly, I think Guardians looks ridiculous, but I would always prefer people to try outlandish films than to just do the same thing over and over again. For that alone, GotG gets my approval.

      I love Edgar Wright, so Ant Man also gets a nod from me.

      DC is hitting the point of parody, though. Everything about Superman Into Suckness sounds painful, and when it comes to "storytelling," Zack Snyder is like a shittier version of Michael Bay, but he lacks Bay's fine photographic eye.

      They're also rebooting their Batman series too soon, although part of me wants to give them credit for doing it via a team-up movie, rather than his own solo adventure.

      I would be more bullish on comic book films if they were still making more low-key fare like the first Blade (or if the Blade sequels didn't capital-S suck), if X-Men 3 weren't terrible, or if we didn't just have two expensive but awful Superman films.

      Someday we will find the Rainbow Connection. And that will be a beautiful day. Until Thor has to destroy that Rainbow in order to preserve Midgard.

  2. DJ, you do have a point about the "chosen one" thing(hopefully that will lead somewhere interesting) but I'm willing to overlook the quasi-nerd approach in ASM since topping Tobey Maguire on that level is damn hard.

    I still enjoy comic book movies but just like the vampires flicks,the public taste(not to mention quality) is getting thinly stretched and cutting back on a few unnecessary ones might be a good idea. I'm looking forward to the next X-Men movie(need to catch up on a few others like Thor:The Dark World and Man of Steel) and sincerely wishing for a Hit Girl film to be made,so not giving up hope!


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