Friday, February 14, 2014

QftWo 2/10-2/16: Imposters #35 - Robocop

I like the office buildings (especially the semi-obscured fog), I like the red light balanced by the blue one, and I like the font on the title. The tagline is dull, but the title font is good.

Sadly, that leaves the suit. I wouldn't get worked up about faithfulness to the original picture - it was a fine design for the time and for that movie, but it's not important to my love of film that the suit be preserved. Honestly, I'm not even supportive of this remake, and that means I should really stick to basic points.

I suppose the question is whether the suit is metal or just leather/plastic, but the rippling abs would probably bother me either way; they're stupid. I don't like the angle of the visor's red light, although it is a nice break in the black profile of the costume.

And, while I'm generally negative about the choice of black here, it really comes down to two issues, as far as this poster goes. Changing the color of the character means that the font on the title - metallic grey with streaks in it - is no longer appropriate, except as a... nostalgic callback to the predecessor that they've altered so much?

Finally, I truly hate the bare hands. The skin tone looks awful against all that matte black.

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