Wednesday, October 22, 2014

20 Free Music Documentaries

One year ago, David Anthony at AVC promoted a great pitchfork article, and I'm here now to bring it the attention of anyone who may have missed out last May. Long story short, Pitchfork did the world a favor and informed its readers that there were 20 fine music documentaries that were available to stream for free.

The wealth of artists presented here is nothing less than important: David Bowie as he transitioned from the Ziggy era to Diamond Dogs, the Rolling Stones getting wrecked on drugs, the Grunge movement being "embraced" by labels, major German bands of the 60's-70's, British Synthpop, a 1965 documentary on Leonard Cohen, Paul Anka, Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Sex Pistols...

All but two of these are focused on specific sets of artists and bands - but, taken together, they cover such a range of genres and so many different countries and eras. Really, this collection is kind of a wonderful gift on Pitchfork's part to the rest of the music-listening world. Hell, one of the documentaries is just about super-passionate vinyl collectors, which makes for a nice contrast to the film I reviewed about VHS devotees.

In any case, I will only link to the National Film Board of Canada's 45 minute documentary on Leonard Cohen, and I will leave you to go to Pitchfork to read the article and watch the rest. Enjoy, please.

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