Sunday, October 12, 2014

Delay of Game

My intended off-site review is taking a little more time than usual, so it will go up next week, not this one. I just gave up on completing it an hour ago..

I've also had one of the craziest weekends I've ever experienced. The lack of sleep has actually been a positive, as these last five-to-ten days have been a rewarding-but-deadly combination of catharsis on old... stuff, as well as some interesting new developments that would take hours to explain properly.

In any case, writing time is at a premium, especially since I want to do justice by the film and its director. So you all can look forward to five entries next week, and I can process, kick back for some relaxation and sleep. Trust me, we're all better served this way - particularly when I'm riding the hard edge of too much exertion and too few hours of rest.

I'll have something up on Tuesday, and we can continue to wind this blog down with more cool entries. I'm going to have a drink, and maybe run a bath...

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