Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Moments in... PSYCH!

Hahahaha, thought you had a friend:

I could talk about the movie Outbreak for an hour or two, honestly - tho mercifully today is not that day - but this scene makes me just laugh my ass off.

Actually, almost every scene in Outbreak makes me want to laugh my ass off. That's just the most comical one that I could find on youtube.

[Update: Firstly, there was a typo in the link, so no video was visible until about 11:20AM. Secondly, fyi, I scheduled this post months ago, before the US began having serious Ebola scares following a rash of new cases and the spread of the disease in Africa. I sometimes employ dark/off-color/gallows humor - but that would've been low-class of me, and I try to run a quality operation here.]

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