Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fan-made Pop Culture Paintings Double Dip!

My Spring 2012 post feels like it was forever ago. I can't relate to whatever different worries and problems I had back then, because I can't recall 'em, and I have enough on my plate right now anyway. But I do remember boosting a really cool artist who recreated famous paintings - with the inclusion of pop culture characters.

I thought Hillary White's work was quite cool, and I was even happier to learn that gunaxin also liked these Fan-made Gems, and she did a HuffPo interview last year, and that the count of painting reproductions is now so much higher!

I haven't had to time to check back on so many of the excellent creative people I've stumped for in the past, but I am very glad that another site put its own spotlight on one. This artist deserves all the attention she could ever get.

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