Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Films in 8-bit Game-Style Fan-made Gem

Site Update: My letting the site go dark will come next month instead. I'm not reversing my decision, but I found 6 posts that I could slot in to this month, and I wrote 2 new Imposters and Happy Trail(er)s entries apiece, and then I rediscovered a draft of a Rocky Horror review from last Halloween, which just needed vids and pictures. That film is just perfect for the month of October. (Yes, I'm still insisting that Snowpiercer is my last review here; sigh, semantics)

Oh, and, a final factor: my man Will' Terran completed his movie, The Twisted Death of a Lonely Madman, and there was no way I would indefinitely leave online writing without giving him a review. The link I put in the prior sentence is like 1 of 3 entries I wrote about it, so I don't see myself as having a choice there.

Reasons like those made it easy to finish out the month, and now you know the reviews and post types that are coming up. All that you were gonna get was two full weeks and then Great Moments In entries (of which there are two this month). I think this is better... Moving on

Last November, I read a fun article about youtube videos of well-known movies, done in the classic 8-bit style of old-school video games. This clever, enjoyable work is by youtube user CineFix (here's their page), and it's a real treat. I held onto this entry so as not to leech off a site's own posts, and so many more videos have been made in the meantime.

You can check out Cinefix's page for more, but below I embedded their take on the 2009 Star Trek reboot:

And here's another for 2012's G.I. Joe film:

Pretty cool, right?

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