Thursday, October 9, 2014

QftWo 10/6-10/12: Imposters #73 - John Wick

It doesn't matter that I like the overall design. The empty white background really focuses (and draws) the attention, helping make that huge-ass font size jump out at you even more than it already would have.

The all caps complete the look, and lend the title - both as the name of the film and, presumably, the name of Mr. Reeves' character - a sense of importance. My first thought was "what hit book series is this based on?"

And it doesn't matter that I really love the ad's use of color, too. In addition to catching the eye initially as well as drawing you to the letters, it emphasizes the rest of the colors in the poster. Those vivid purples, pinks and reds are just gorgeous - many of them are close to neon-brightness, but backed by softer hues... The contrast between those shades and the stark bright white is just excellent, and a masterclass in advertising and using the color wheel to engage the audience.

I keep saying it doesn't matter because (a) those two things are the only things I like about the promo and (b) it is going to take one hell of a positive review to get me to see this movie. I wish it told me a little more than the tagline, "Don't set him off." It's actually the worst elements of the graphic, seeing as that it's provides too little info and yet is still too "meh" to be cool.

That title plus that tagline do not make an increasingly-busy me want to take the time to look up the plot synopsis. It was the creators' only informative opportunity on the poster and they flubbed it.

But even if I never see the film, I sure will respect the guys who worked on the promotional materials...


  1. I actually like that poster--I like teaser-style posters a lot more than you do, and I actually think that light information density is an asset for some films--but that tag line is brutal. It's a pun (conflating a candle wick with the fuse on a stick of dynamite), and given that your "dangerous" man is going to be played against type by Keanu Reeves, it's not enough to make the sale.

    1. Yeah, I like teaser-style a bit, but this has too little to go on, so my comment is about how the visual element is the only thing I like here.

      Yknow, in my head, I had not conflated the ideas of a "wick" and a "fuse." I enjoy puns that are clever, and ones that are terrible, but this is just wrong in all the least-enjoyable ways...

      But I blame none of that on Keanu. His villain role in Man of Thai Chi was great!


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