Wednesday, October 29, 2014

QftWo 10/27-11/2: Imposters #76 - Dracula Untold

Today's is a special edition of Imposters, as this one deserves nothing more than mockery. Please follow the link, press play on the video, and listen to the song as you scroll through the pictures.

The big issue here is that everyone can look at these posters and say, "Wow, uh, BATMAN BEGINS much?" I mean, it's one thing to evoke a motion picture with an image, and it's another to seem to trade off of it heavily. This is even worse when you're banking off a well-know, well-liked work that's pretty recent. And the bar sinks even lower when your movie is an attempt to he overwhelming popularity of vampires in movies and tv. I mean, we all know the poster I placed on the right, don't we? And I'm not even the first person to point this out - other sites made this connection back in June. And those weren't even the same posters I'm showing you today!

Anyway, listen to the clip and scroll through. I hope this garners a decent laugh:

The below shot of Dracula with the bats swarming around him looks like a rejected poster for a "Batman goes back in time" adventure. I love the contrasting colors, but... ugh.

such an adventure would involve going back in time to a land that is completely featureless - save for a castle - to swing a sword against apparently non-existent enemies. Seriously, where is Batm- uh, I mean, Dracula? Why the barren background? And what is he fighting there? Why wouldn't you want to show us who his enemies are? Is it... is it because they shouldn't have made this movie as an effort to bank off of people knowing what "Dracula" is?

This next subway ad, of Dracula crouching while bats form wings behind him, makes me want to go back in time and ask my teenaged self if there's a comic book cover that looks just like this movie's second poster. Sadly, that would be a waste of time travel, and a poor use of my time today if I decided to pour through Batman covers in the early/mid-90s. I just know that there's a bunch.

And this third poster...

Bam! Pow! Copy! [Um, sorry, my lawyers have informed me that I meant "Bam! Pow! Homage!"]

This incredibly unimaginative pose and uninspired framing screams that they reeeeeealy want you to think about the popular super-hero when you see this promo.

And by the time I saw the third poster, it made me just want to throw my hands up and say, "if you guys want to capitalize off Nolan's Batman films, then hire someone who worked on it and just prominently feature that person's name and credentials." God, if you're not even gonna try, why bother at all?...

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