Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Great Film Drug Scenes Supercut

So I must kick off today's entry with an admission: I was ready to post an indie film review on Sunday, but couldn't get it up in time (cue Anthony Weiner joke here). In essence, I had a lot of thoughts and doubts, and I decided to take my time, re-watch the film, and publish it later instead of posting an inferior review.

This means my review of La Source goes up tomorrow, Wednesday at 6PM, EDT, and that this extra post is meant to make up for the shortfall. If I couldn't work the situation out well enough given time constraints, that's fine. But I promised 4 posts per week, and so you'll get 5 for this one in exchange. Moving on...

It doesn't really matter what your stance is on real-life drug use, every film fan knows that drugs have been featured in a lot of movies. Across a variety of genres, contexts, and time periods, chemical experimentation comes up frequently: Pulp Fiction, Training Day, A Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Requiem for a Dream, Reefer Madness...

And last week, I learned that some clever individual has taken a whole slew of these scenes and combined them into a very fine 7-minute video mashup. The selection of movie moments is quite good, and I like the music choices, too...

Whether the clips here seem to advocate substance abuse, show the dangers of it, or simply inform the audience about a movie's characters and world, these scenes are a memorable part of movie history. I'm really happy that Uproxx posted about this, lest I wouldn't know that this exists, and I'm very impressed by the work of Youtube user Robert Jones. He only has another three film-related clips up, but I'm hopeful he'll post more fine work in the near future.

I'll see you all Wednesday, for another off-site indie movie review, then Thursday for a new installment of Imposters, before capping off the week with on Sunday for an indie review which has yet to be determined...


  1. Ooo nice one. I like drug scenes, however weird that sounds :P

    1. Right? Whether or not someone even likes drugs, these scenes are something that film can do so well! (and they're always fun to watch)


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