Monday, August 12, 2013

Reviewing with Others Part 49, sorta: List of Last-Act Killer Reveals

Today's entry was going to provide a schedule update and officially introduce a new Net-flixation feature. But I bumped today's post to tomorrow because I got a last-minute request to write a list for Man, I Love Films, where my Reviewing with Others post go up.

Their site publishes lists regularly, and I contributed one list this January, as well as another this last August - of which I am most proud.

And, hopefully, I can be as proud of today's entry as I was for the first list I contributed. So head over to Man, I Love Films and read my list of top ten last-act killer reveals.

I'll see ya'll tomorrow, Wednesday (for a RwO of Short Term 12), and then on Sunday (for yet another RwO, of Brooklyn Castle). It'll be fun for everyone, right? Half a Film Student is clearly the hardest-working blogger in blog-business (ugh, sigh...).


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a lot of films I was unfamiliar with through the list (Color of Night in particular).

    But where is one of the best last-act killer-reveal movies of all time? Forget it, Thaddeus? It's Chinatown.

    1. Well, for one thing, thanks. Color of Night is a treasure and I'm glad to say you can find a review of it on this site.

      Secondly, I gotta say: you really nailed me on that one.

      You win this round, Thrace!


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