Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September Blowout! What To Expect

My review of the documentary La Source goes up at 6PM today, but I wanted to give everyone some scheduling info so they know what's coming next month.

If you've been following for a bit - and shame on you if you haven't - you know that I bust my @ss for this blog at least three times each year. April is Net-flixation's anniversary month, so I put a lot into that. At the year's end in December, I write a Holiday review and some wrap-up entries about the overall year. September, however, is a special month only because I love the transition period from Summer to Autumn - and I've tried to make each September entry stand out.

And so: first, I plan to suspend all Reviewing with Others reviews for Sept. I may break that suspension, but if so, they would be in addition to my 4-per-week posts. Second, I will post a TV Recommendation for each week - three shows are way old, one is ongoing, and all are series that I really love. Further, I'll publish 2+ proper Question entries, not just the poster critiques which replaced the Qs. In addition, I have my 13th MRQ lined up, my 3rd You Shoulda Been a Movie, and I plan to review The Ipcress File, one of my all-time favorites films. My regular Bill Murray and Great Moments in... entries will also return.

In short, September will be a true blowout here, as well as a resumption of the 1 Question, 1 Fan-made Gem, and 1 Review cycle which was my regular schedule for so long here, but with Recommendations standing in for each week's 4th, "random" post. I've worked hard to make this as fine and fun as possible.

I hope you all enjoy what's to come!
Half a Film Student


  1. I look forward to your TV recommendations(and yes, will check out your other posts,honest!)and interested to see what shows you like. I mostly cover new programs at least once a week but it's fun to look back every now and then.

    1. Thank you so much! I look forward to your thoughts and opinions, whether we agree or not...

      I actually haven't covered a lot of my favorite shows because I'm worried I can't do justice to things like Farscape or Simpsons S2-8.

      However, you can check my TV tag on the right to see what I've already written about. As a life-long New Yorker, though, I must point out that I have a big love for foreign TV. Always nice to see something different, y'know?


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