Thursday, August 1, 2013

Great Moments in... Film Assassination

I've been happy to make Great Moments in... a biweekly thing, and I'm extra-glad to have found this one in particular. This clip comes from Hard Ticket to Hawaii, a 1987 action/thriller of the kind so often made in the 80's - full of nude scenes and Playboy models. The premise is that a team of government agents deal with some real bad criminal-dudes, encountering both danger and "romance."

I really must thank Clipnation for hosting this vid, though a few weeks after I noticed it, I found that Red Letter Media also covered it as part of their new Best of the Worst series of reviews. Everything old is new again, right? Those hard-working RLM folks probably didn't mention this scene because they wanted viewers to discover it for themselves.

Get ready to laugh so hard:

Yeah, the guy's an ass, but there's something just... perfect about that moment. I was actually gonna save this post for a rainy day when I had nothing else to offer, but really, this sort of thing was meant to be shared with the world...

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