Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Every Tarantino Pop Culture Reference

Back at the start of the new year, the College Humor folks worked their magic yet again with a great video showing every Quentin Tarantino film's pop culture references, in chronologic order.

I like it. Check it out, feel and/or think things, maybe tell me about it...


  1. I saw this earlier. It's genius. A lot of references I don't get due to my non-American status but man, Tarantino is a god.

    1. Hey, long time, no see! Thanks so much for chiming in!

      Next time we're in one another's countries, we could sit down with... some champagne and popcorn? and I could explain them to you.

      Tarantino has this weird thing where what he does either works for me like some kind of magic charm, or it's a misfire. Even that would be impressive enough, but he doesn't even misfire very often. My brother has convinced me to rewatch Jackie Brown and try not to hate this time out...


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