Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh, Man, This is Wrong

The video below is really demented and not recommended unless you can laugh at really black humor. Black, demented humor. This is like the Von Trier-directed Donald Duck post, but much worse. I think it's harder to un-see than the horrifying dancing Avengers at a kids' party, but it certainly is funnier.

Except to tell you that if you're not sure if you should watch this, you probably shouldn't watch this, there's not really anything more for me to write:

Oh, no wait, I guess there is more: if it offends, forgive me, but you should be laughing too hard to talk right now. There was a Ducktails movie, so I do have some slim excuse for posting this here.

If drugs made someone think to combine 8MM and Ducktails, then it's a pretty decent endorsement...


  1. Dang - that was seriously fucked up. Like, I'm worried for those that come into close contact with the makers of it. Clever, but disturbing.

    1. I laughed so hard when I watched this. It's like a 2-minute version of the movie 8MM, but with more compelling actors. It's really that upbeat themesong that helps make it disturbing.


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