Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dead Shadows coming, Schedule Update

For starters, this is the 450th post on Net-flixation! I'm not going to celebrate it as I have before, with a Site Update entry that reads like a flashback episode of a tv show - heaping praise on some of what's been published here.

No, I'll probably save that for #500 - but I am glad that it comes when I have good news to share: I've already mentioned this movie twice before, but Dead Shadows looks to be great! Honestly, if I lived in Europe, or had a good excuse to go there, I'd schedule my trip so I could see it play at a festival. It's not often that I have such a strong reaction to a trailer, but I trust my instincts. I've embedded it again, below, and remember that it has two NSFW-ish shots...

I've been waiting for DS since roughly mid-2012, so I'm happy because last week, Shout Factory picked up the film for distribution! The sucky part is that it's coming out "later this year," but at least it'll get here via DVD, VOD, and whatever is intended by the words "subscription VOD" or "electronic sell-through."

I mean, I can guess that the latter means stuff like "Amazon VOD and iTunes," but "SVOD" means nothing to me. Anyway, enough thinking, let's move on.

As for my schedule, it's going to be 4 or more posts per week, through the end of April, perhaps into May. I figure I'll get my 100,000th site hit right around that time - which is great, because that's when this site, Net-flixation, has its fourth anniversary! It's also around the same time that I'll have completed 52 consecutive "Question for the Week of" posts, and probably the 500th entry here as well.

I'm obviously grinning right now, and I know it's not becoming to be pleased with oneself, but I really like the idea of tying everything up neatly that way. If that's how the cards play out, without any meddling on my own part, I will be a happy little Half a Film Student.

I do have things planned out for May, but, what the hell, I'm doing this unpaid, yet it takes up time like a job - I'll obviously need a rest at some point... Of course, by May, I might also have written enough new entries to take this site through the Summer...

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