Monday, February 25, 2013

American Psycho + Pokemon

It doesn't surprise me that American Psycho inspired a lot of fan attention. It's a graphic and shocking pic with a charismatic lead, the Clockwork Orange of its time (does Fight Club count?). A while back, I highlighted the person who gave a rundown, history, and current status of the many restaurants mentioned in the film. Today (or early January, really) brings us a new degree of fan-love and craziness.

So, last month I got a link to Guyism, which repost something that Destructoid wrote up: a Youtube user called "Demi Adejuyigbe" blended the odd-ass world of Pokemon with a scene from the novel-to-film adaptation that made Christian Bale's star rise in the US.

I like it. It's very tastefully done. I think you'll like this one, too...

I love the paintings in the background; they're a great touch.

Demi's a real film-maker, though, not just a fan. He's directed commercials and made short films, in addition to other for-pleasure work like this nice video mockery of the ad in which John Malkovich shills for Apple's Siri. You can see all this if you check his Youtube channel (or his website, or his twitter).

I expect more notable work from this person in the future.

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