Monday, February 4, 2013

Looper's Big Flaws, in 3 Minutes

Rian Johnson's Looper was an impressive film. All I can say is that I enjoyed watching it immensely, all flaws aside. I haven't been able to review it yet, only to offer things like the great Looper parody video I wrote about last month.

That said, I can understand the many issues that my fellow movie-goers might have had with its time travel logic. You need only start thinking for about a minute before serious issues arise, increasing every second. And so I am also happy to point out this great video made by the CinemaSins crew.

It's a bit harsh - less forgiving in spots than it needs to be - but it's also damn funny:

We'll deal with (some of) this during my (inevitable, soon to come) review.


  1. About a third of the criticisms in the video are not really criticisms or are outright wrong. I didn't mind, because the video entertained me. I feel the same way about Looper, which has issues but might be my favorite 2012 film, regardless.

    1. Yeah, they're not all winners, but the video is damn entertaining.

      Looper was amazing, and I think when my mind keep putting it in my top 3 for 2012, I'm torn between what is my "favorite" film and what is the "best" film for that year. Yes, its flaws are easily surpassed by its many strengths...


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